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Memorial Day Weekend!

Has come and gone! Sadly.  Anyhoo, here’s what I did!

My friend Cait came to visit us!  She currently lives in Brooklyn, and we lived together Freshman year of college.  It was a great visit!

Saturday we went into Philadelphia to just hang out near South Street.  We had lunch at Copa Banana and coffee at Red Hook.

Red Hook!

Inside there is this sign:


Then we headed to Sophie’s Yarns were I found out that Jen is carrying MALABRIGO! I told her that she is an evil woman, but I walked out with this:

Malabrigo - Sealing Wax

and this:

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace

The Malabrigo is destined to be a Clapotis for Cait and I’m really thinking Swallowtail for the Misti Alpaca Lace.

While in Philly we had to check in on my sister’s foster kittens!  OMG. So Cute. My photos aren’t really that good, so no pics for you 😦

Sunday we had a picnic at my parents’ house and that was fun. Lots of super good food.  Then Cait, John, and I went to Waltz’s for a round of mini-golf on the Castle course.  John and I tied and well for not playing for almost 20 years, Cait did a great job! Then it was back home to hang out with my mom and Dash, Becca’s dog.


This was taken at about 10:30 pm, he was carrying around that bowl and it kinda looks like he fell asleep with his face in the bowl.

Monday was shopping day!  We headed to the new outlets in Limerick, and I took these photos:


These outlets are great, but this is what is on the other side of the street:

Limerick Generating Station

We got a few good buys. Cait got 3 new pairs of shoes and some new work clothes, and I just got clothes from Ann Taylor.  Was a good day but boy I was exhausted afterwards!

We drove back to Princeton later on Monday and Cait went back to NYC Tuesday morning!  Tomorrow I am heading up to grab brunch with her and a few of her class makes from The New School. Then we are going to go to some cool shops (including purlsoho!) and just spend a day together. Sucks that it is supposed to be like 80 and thunderstorm ALL DAY 😦

More later!  Going to try to make some progess on my Froot Loop sock!

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