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A long time coming, otherwise late blog post #2

After going to visit Cait on Saturday, I hung out with Sharon on Sunday to get a better feel for the area that we live in – like finding out where the hospital is! First it was a trip to Woolbearers in Mt. Holly NJ!

storms a brewin!

This is the weather that we drove through in order to get to Woolbearers. Talk about rain. Wow. We grabbed lunch and then headed into the store.

sharon\'s haul!

Can you tell we were having a good time?

everyone at woolbearer\'s

Everyone was SO nice and SO helpful and SO friendly – I felt so WELCOMED into this store. Thank you!

my haul

Had a little too much fun. But you can see that there is a big fluffy ball of roving in there.  Some aqua green Romney wool.  Suzie had taught us how to spin on a drop spindle (which I had in a death grip while I was browsing) and this was the result:

wooo yarn!

And here:


So then I got to start on my green fluff and here is where I am now:


The wheel is the next step!

  1. July 4, 2008 at 1:25 am

    Heh, I look like a fiber-crazed dork. LOL. That was a good day.

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