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Okay, so I’ve been rather quiet as far as this blog goes.  Things have been insane lately!


First, I’m now happily married.  On Sept 27, John and I tied the knot at Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Bally, PA, with our reception at La Massaria at Bella Vista Golf Course.  Everything went perfectly and from what we can tell, everyone had a wonderful time.  We meet with our photographer on the 25th, so I will be sure to post the link for our photos here, after we’ve picked them of course!

Our honeymoon took us to Orlando, Florida where we stayed on Universal Studios property, specifically at the Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort.  The hotel was fab – decorcated in a post WWII pacific feel, there were stunning orchids, tahitian huts, luau’s, hawaiian shirts, and it was just fantastic. We would stay there again, no questions asked.  

Since the wedding? Well, I went to the Garden State Sheep & Wool festival with Sharon and Jess, we did all of our banking merging, put a deposit down on a larger apartment (2 br, 1 bath), bought much needed bookcases, did a massive clean of the apartment (there is still more to do), sent out a billion thank you notes (still more to go) and have been enjoying married life. This friday I’m going to make it official and go to the Social Security office and PennDOT and change my name 😀 


Knitting wise? I’ve purchased a ton of fiber from Jess, a new spindle which is making things so much easier, and am saving up some $ for a wheel.  Sharon and I will be testing a few while we are at Rhinebeck this weekend (SO excited). 


I’ll be inserting some photos in here later on, I have to get to a meeting for a presentation I’ll have to give in a few days. Gah.

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    Yeeeha! You’ve been busy! Congrats again and thanks for the help at the festival. See you at Rhinebeck!!!

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