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Holiday knitting strikes again.

Every year I tell myself, no holiday knitting.

And every year I fail.

The first year was hell, why put myself through it again? Because you can’t say no to family, especially Moms. Both of them requested Clapotis’s (Clapotii??) for people for gifts. MIL for our super awesome Godmother(in-law?) who is wonderful, and My mom for a doctor she has worked with for FOREVER.  Both are being done out of Malabrigo Merino Worsted, one in the Vaa colorway, the other in Stonechat. Lori sent over a set of stitch markers for me to try out, so these will be used on #2 and I cannot wait, they are stunning (photos will be added later!).  So as of right now, I have 4 straight repeats left on #1, and hope to complete it by the end of the week.  Then #2 will be started, it is due by 12/14.  Easily done, I hope!

Other holiday knits? Super secret. All I can say is stash yarn and a pattern has been picked.  Doesn’t leave me a lot of time – may have to treat this last one like a Ravelympics project.

Spinning wise, I’m working on a 4 oz braid of Superwash Merion from Zarzuela’s Fibers in a watermelonish colorway. I am in love.  But there is not much time for spinning when one has Clapotii to knit!  I hope to get this single finished this weekend and get the next one before thanksgiving.  I am goig to try to go to my highschool’s juried art show over the holiday weekend, there is a fiber vendor there and I would LOVE to purchase some local Boyertown fiber! My mom also found out that there is an alpaca farm close to our house (think less than 2 miles) and they also sell “that stuff you use with your wheel”. Aww mom ❤

Work is going well. Nothing else to report on that front.  I am sending a little goodie package to my cousin that has been knitting for what seems like forever, containing some handspun yarn and some Wollmeise. Yes, I am parting with a skein of Wollmeise. But she is my knitting inspiration. I can only HOPE to be that good someday!

  1. November 19, 2008 at 9:26 am

    I always say I’m not going to do it either. Than I remember that I have spoiled my parents and my significant other on hand knit socks and there will be no rest for me. 😉

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