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6 days until move

Urgh. This weekend we are moving everything from the kitchen, except mugs and pots and pans and will be running on paper plates. My parents are coming up for the weekend to help repair a huge hole in the plaster in the bathroom (that I caused by pulling the shower rod off of the wall… oops) and clean and just keep me from going insane. Yay parents!

Xmas knitting is in full swing and my mom’s rogue is on the hood and I’m working my way along.  The other projects are top secret, so they will have to wait until after the holiday.

Today I’m home from work this morning because the old apartment complex is painting our front door and I need to make sure miss Haley doesn’t flee the safety of our walk-in closet to go explore Princeton Junction. She has experience outside yes, but the fact that I can’t get a collar on her (she loses control of bodily functions and I don’t want to repeat the experience my sister had) and she isn’t micro-chipped is the major concern.

Cannot wait to move so I can start unpacking and get my life back in order. I hate moving.

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